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Your History Is Showing: 3 Reasons to Update Your Cover Photo Monthly

The world has changed from what it used to be. Consumers are searching Facebook just as they would Google to make informed decisions about a company. You don’t have to launch a huge campaign and post something every hour of every day. Simply updating your cover photo monthly gives you a leap in the right direction.

3 Reasons to Update Your Cover Photo Monthly

1.) First Impressions Are Important.

Make sure it’s a positive one! When a customer visits your Facebook page, the first thing they see is a huge chunk of real estate that allows them to glean information without having to invest themselves in a click.

2.) Keeps Loyal Fans Engaged

Facebook users like to feel like they are a part of your world. By updating your cover photo, loyal fans are treated with new content that makes them feel like you are continually opening up to them. Keeping a consistent schedule means fans begin to anticipate the update and will look forward to seeing what you are doing next.

3.) Shows Off Your Personality

Your Facebook page should allow you to let your business’ hair down. Not every inch of your page has to be a marketing onslaught. Doing something fun and creative in your cover photo lets people know that you are more than just brick and mortar. You are also people.

At Argyle Octopus, we make custom graphics to update our cover photo on the first Friday of the month. How often do you update yours?

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