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Your Employees Know Where They Work; Promotional Products Are For Everyone Else

Most people know that Argyle Octopus does business cards, but what some business owners don’t know is that we can also help you solve the problem of carrying your brand over to promotional products. A lot of the time freebies are given lower priority on the budget because of a variety of reasons including cost or uncertainty as to their effectiveness. Here are 2 huge reasons why promotional products are an excellent investment.

  1. Loyalty

People trust the word-of-mouth references. Customers spend their time sharing positive experiences with their friends and family. Rewarding your customers with a thank you, either by handwritten note or piece of swag, continues to keep you in a positive light with them.

  1. Awareness

People tend to keep these items for extended periods of time, especially if it serves a use. This increases brand awareness by keeping you in the forefront of their mind and sparking interest from those they come into contact with.

Promotional products also build a level of trust through physical contact which you can read about in our blog, “SWAG: Scientific, Wacky, And Generous.”

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of why promo products are important, you may be unsure which ones would be most effective for your business. You could spend time going through the products on our website, or you could let us help you. We’d love to meet with you to learn more about you and your business to help you make a guided decision. We never put the point of a sale above the customer. We will take the time to figure out what product works best for your target market.

If you have used promotional products for your business, which ones were most (and/or least) effective?

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