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Why Business Cards Remain Vital in a Digital World

The ever-growing list of products and services which no longer need industries due to the (sometimes-overwhelming) reach and capability of our modern technology and digital prowess is certainly impressive. However, the business card is here to stay.

Most business professionals still expect that an exchange of business cards will occur when they meet someone at a networking event, or when business is being discussed. Having to say, “No, actually, I don’t have a card…” means risking a less-than-memorable impression. “Why Business Cards Still Matter in the Digital Age” by Sessions College for Professional Design states:

“Today’s professionals are overwhelmed with emails and requests. Let your business card be a creative reminder.”

The business card is a tangible item, helping those you encounter make a tactile and visual connection which reinforces the memory of your meeting. Think of the souvenirs you buy when you go on vacation. You may stick them in a drawer when you get home, but once you pull them out again, you are instantly reminded of the experiences you had.

Business cards reinforce your brand. There are so many elements that make up and define a brand—values, policies, aesthetics, community connections and perceptions, etc. Use your business card as a vehicle for reinforcing these elements. Digital media is an invaluable resource for modern-day marketing, but print media, has proven thus-far to be an irreplaceable tool for creating brand memorability.

What’s the most memorable business card you’ve ever been given?

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