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What is the best way to promote your event?

You’ve checked off the must-do’s of branding your event and you’re ready to spread the word, but how do you know the best way to do so? The answer is the way that your target audience will hear it. Here are three avenues you can use.

1. Social Media

These days, most of the population has a Facebook page, so using Facebook to promote your event is very effective. The key strategy to making sure you get the most reach is by not only sharing your event page on your company’s page, but also on your personal account. The more eyes that see, the more awareness of the event.

Great Advice: Social Media is an excellent tool, however, do not use it as your sole solution. People are inundated with digital information daily, so you don’t want to be missed in the bustle!

2. Print Marketing

Print Marketing can mean a lot of things, e. g. posters, invitations, postcards, flyers, etc. You’ll have to work with your marketing team to determine which course of action will reach your audience best. The great thing about print is its lasting presence, and when people read print, they tend to be more relaxed and open to taking in information as opposed to searching the internet for specific information.

Advertise where your audience can be found, not just where your event is hosted.

Advertise where your audience can be found, not just where your event is hosted.

Great Advice: Advertise where your audience can be found, not just where your event is hosted. An example of this is if you’re hosting an event at your university, don’t just advertise on your campus, advertise in libraries and community colleges as well.

3. Word of Mouth

This is the most powerful outlet you have to promote your event. People we know, trust, and like are people that we do business with and they are who we trust to have the most reliable opinion/information. If you’re singing praises from the rooftops and showing excitement about your event, others will tune in to know why.

Which of these methods have you found to be most effective in your experience?

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