We Are Our Own Worst Crickets

…And other insights from Hannah Schwartz

If you’ve been to the offices of Argyle Octopus, attended a networking event she is present at, or received a card from Team Argyle, then you’ve probably met Hannah Schwartz. She’s charismatic, hard-working, and if there’s a new face to acquaint herself with, she’ll make it happen! So without further ado, meet Hannah:

“Do you have any non-life-threatening obsessions?”

“There’s always my inherent need to organizeI have two paper planners, a digital calendar, and a whiteboard calendar on my fridge, (not to mention the one in my bedroom.) If I type something, it gets printed so I have a physical copy; these notes are then put in binders with dividers. I’ve even gone as far as to ask for a file cabinet for Christmasmaybe I need to go to a meeting

If it weren’t for this level of organizational “obsession,” our team might be a little bit lost, so ignore the jokes, and keep it up, Hannah!

“What’s the greatest thing about working at Argyle Octopus?”

“Probably the empowermentand the forgiveness of my grammatical errors.”

We might take grammar too seriously in this office…no, we don’t; it’s important!

“What is your favorite non-breakfast food to eat for breakfast?”

“My favorite would have to be the time I had buffalo wings followed by chocolate cake. Nothing has yet topped that.”

For breakfast, people! That takes talent.

“How has working at Argyle Octopus affected your everyday life?”

“I can now type without looking at the keyboard, so that’s pretty cool.”

Take that, middle school keyboarding class!

“What word or phrase do you most overuse right now?”

My most frequently used curse is “Jimmeny Pickleberries.” No, I do not know where that came from.”

Fortunately, Hannah works in an environment that encourages creativity in every way. Even I did a double-take when I first heard that one, though!

Thanks for being who you are, Hannah. We couldn’t do it without you!

Hannah Schwartz and Jennifer Rosenblatt

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