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Visually Speaking — Color’s Superhero Powers

Color surrounds us in the passing of cars, the packages at supermarkets, and the leaves in the wind. Color is ingrained into our everyday lives. Theories have been argued about color affecting a person’s physical body, such as whether or not the color red actually increases heart rate, but more than just setting the mood for a piece, color also has other superhero powers.

Setting Structure

When a lot of like information needs to be expressed and grouped separately from other information, such as in a block schedule or textbook, color can be used to help create sections. By making the sections different colors the reader interprets information in the same color to be related.

Creating Emphasis

Whether it’s intended or not, the mind craves meaning, sometimes even making one up. Color plays upon this need in design. By changing the color of a word or section you are naturally inclined to make the assumption that this part is important and should be noted.

Expressing Metaphors

“Green with Envy,” “Feeling Blue,” “Red with Rage.” Color is commonly used in language to express intangible things like emotions. This superpower can help designers speak to the target audience’s emotions with the end goal of creating a reaction.

Designers use color as a subliminal activist for their cause using these techniques and others as well. Have you noticed a time when one of these tactics affected you? Do you have a favorite color superpower?

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