Timeline for Facebook Pages ~ Part II Tabs

Default landing tabs are gone. Yes, gone. After we all worked so diligently to get them set up. Instead, visitors reaching your page via Facebook search or username will be sent directly to your Timeline. You can, however, still send visitors via link to a specific tab.

Every tab is now an app with its own unique ID. In the case of my “About” tab, it’s ID is 202117336479462. You can see the ID in the address bar of your browser.

So you could use this link to send visitors to a specific tab from your website, email newsletter, LinkedIn, etc. When printing your Facebook address, it is unlikely that people will type in “…ArgyleOctopus/app_202117336479462” so you would still keep with your username. (Although, you could use a QR Code to make the link easily accessible by mobile device.)

Your tabs are still iFrames, so you have many content options. You can create a blurb about your company, include an email contact form, newsletter opt in, links to blogs, etc. The only hitch is that since  October 1, 2011, your content has to be hosted on a secure site (https) for secure browsing on Facebook.  This means that you either have to subscribe to an already developed app or purchase an SSL certificate for the site that is hosting your content. Either way you are most likely looking at a fee for your custom tabs.
But at least you can make custom buttons for your tabs!
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