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The Pen is Mightier Than the Keyboard

Handwritten thank you notes have been around for many years and some have argued that—through the introduction of email and social media—they have evolved to become an obsolete method of communication.

While it is true that writing a thank you note by hand takes a few minutes longer and is not as cost-effective as an email, it can be argued that it holds a higher value when it comes to permanence and differentiating yourself from the pool of service providers.

A study conducted by Radicati shows a 7% increase in business emails since 2014, leading to an average of 116 business emails sent/received per day, per person. With all those emails pinging inboxes, how can you be sure that your “thank you” will stand out? And when your email is read, chances are they’ll smile then delete, moving on to the next.

By writing a handwritten note the recipient will be able to take a moment to pause and read, focusing entirely on your or your company’s words of gratitude. Even if they can’t pause immediately to read the note, it will sit on their desk and serve as a reminder of your company and the time you took to write with a pen and paper. This perdurability may even extend past the time of reading, sitting on their desk or in a drawer, and every time their eyes land on it you’ll pop into mind.

So tell us, would you rather your appreciation be impactful or deleted?

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