The Death of the Hipster Logo

Start with two lines forming an X. Place them inside of a symmetrical shape. Add an icon in each corner and a line that says, “Est. (insert year).” You now have an super-trendy “hipster logo.”

Rarely, it seems, has a design trend taken off as this one has. The current era of DIY design and make-your-own-graphic apps lends itself to the over-saturation of design trends in a way we’ve never seen before.

Every few years the hottest trends in graphic design change. Once the shift begins, everyone (consumers, clients, and creatives, alike) rebel with fury against the designs they once loved. The shift against the now-infamous hipster logo is beginning—and I, for one, am happy to see it go. Don’t hate me! My enthusiasm for moving beyond this trend is not due to a lack of appreciation. There was a time when I thought the moustache icons, criss-crossed arrows, and anchors were stylish. And, they were! But, soon they won’t be (or perhaps they already aren’t), and society will be on to the next thing.

Such is the nature of graphic design. This is why it’s so important for designers to be able to incorporate trends into their designs—making them modern and relevant—without relying on trends wholly.

What are your thoughts on the hipster logo?

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