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SWAG: Scientific, Wacky, And Generous

Have you ever noticed that when you go to the grocery store for one thing, you walk out with an additional twenty? You aren’t alone in this phenomenon. It’s a natural response to physically being able to touch an item that elicits a reaction, usually to buy this item.

Research has shown that, “People value a product more highly when it’s physically in front of them.” (Weinschenk, Ph.D, Susan M. 100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People. New Riders, 2011) By being able to touch the item, a degree of trust is placed that cannot be elicited from text or a picture. This is a powerful tool that marketers can use when presenting options to a customer, and when handing out swag.

Swag extends your brand from paper to 3D.

The most valuable aspect of swag is the ability to tie an item to the company and their solutions to your needs. By giving customers something they can physically put their hands on, you are building trust and value in your brand.

Swag is not solely for marketing.

Offering swag doesn’t have to be a pushy sales tactic. What it can do is show your company’s goodwill towards its customers and community, as well as provide knowledge to those who don’t yet know the solutions your company is able to offer. Argyle Octopus has lots of swag—are you current with yours?

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