Show Us Your Graphics!

Social Media marketing should be a fundamental part of your company’s marketing plan.

If you’re not utilizing social media, then you are not taking advantage of a free, critical tool to interact with your customer base.

There are strategies you can implement to increase the likelihood of your posts getting attention. One of those strategies is to incorporate graphics.

Think about your own personal use of social media. Imagine the hours spent scrolling…which posts end up catching your eye? Often it is those which contain a photograph or graphic.

I like to look at pretty things! I like to look at happy faces! Everyone does.

Photographs and graphics play a huge role in our culture. With the invention and subsequent take-off of platforms like Instagram and SnapChat, and make-your-own graphics apps, people expect to see pictures. This article from HubSpot asserts that using visuals in your Facebook posts can even increase engagement by 53%!

This is what 53% more looks like:

Graphics Social Media

Do you notice a difference in how much attention your posts with visuals get vs. your posts without graphics?

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