Pride isn’t just for Lions: Why Business Confidence Matters

Pride isn’t just for Lions: Why Business Confidence Matters

Growing up, most people are encouraged to be humble and not let pride give them a big head. In the business world, most start-ups encourage collaboration and success on a team. This doesn’t mean that you can’t take pride in your company.

A short time ago at a networking event, I engaged in conversation with a fellow professional, and we reached the point in which exchanging of business cards took place. Bursting at the seams with pride for where I work and the quality of products we produce, I readily handed mine over. After complimenting my card this gentleman hesitantly handed me his, admitting that he was unsure about my opinion as his card was only okay.

This exchange has played over and over in my head. My opinion of his company was not altered by the quality of his card, but rather by the quality it was presented in. Most people believe that with success comes confidence; but what they don’t realize is that with confidence comes success. By having pride in your employer you display a passion that makes engagement tangible to the palate—people will want to know more because you are so enthused.

Confidence in your employer also provides your customers with confidence in your abilities. This leads to trust that your company is the expert and that they can come to you to solve their problems. So whether you are a high ranking official, or one face of many on the floor, having pride goes a long way towards making you successful.
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