Pinterest Primer

The photo-and-video-sharing website Pinterest is the latest social media sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Combining elements of Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter, it provides a positive, graphics-centric platform for users to “pin” photos they love. It also gives users the ability to search and repin other peoples’ photos, and to comment and interact on the grand scale of social media.

Of course, as with most social media sites, Pinterest has the potential to be utilized by businesses as well as consumers. While not every business in every industry can fully take advantage of it, those that can harness the power of the pin can reap substantial benefits including:

1) Access to a Large, Active Demographic
According to Alexandra Guzik, Public Relations and Social Media specialist for Spindustry, the average American spends around 77 minutes per day using Pinterest alone! In addition, Pinterest tends to lead to more direct sales and website users than Facebook.

2) Increased Ability to Relate to Customers
Your business is more than just an office space. You employ real people who all have real lives and personalities. Use Pinterest to help you take advantage of this! Having a pinboard devoted to office bloopers and silly photos can help give your company a more personal feel. Not to mention that by interacting with customers as you would on Facebook or Twitter (commenting, liking, or re-pinning their photos) you can further add to your business’s personal touch.

3) Increased Web Traffic
Attaching links to photos you pin is a great way to increase direct web traffic. Whether you’re selling cupcakes or chrysanthemums, featuring gorgeous photos on your pinterest will be more effective if you link them back to pages on your website associated with those products.

Pinterest is becoming a crucial part of most comprehensive social media marketing strategies, but not all. Some businesses simply don’t gain as much of an edge from it as other. If you’re still on the fence about creating a Pinterest page for your company, take a look at this wonderful chart from

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