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Nutrition, Michael Jackson, and Dodge Ball: Reasons to Love Amber Pankonin

You read that correctly…dodge ball…more on that below.

If you know her, you love her—she’s Amber Pankonin, founder of StirList. Amber has been an active member of the Lincoln startup community for years, and she’s definitely made an impression. She also made an impression with her answers to a few questions we asked her in an effort to better get to know the woman behind the business.

Two of the first interesting things we found out about Amber are her guilty pleasures: watching Legally Blonde and listening to Taylor Swift! We assume these two things don’t happen simultaneously, but we kind of hope they do.

Amber also shared with us her “finding out Santa isn’t real” story, which occurred upon the realization that her uncle and Santa Claus share the exact same tattoo. We are still holding out hope that this is simply a huge coincidence and Santa is just more of a rebel than we ever knew.

Now, this next tidbit is by far our favorite: Amber actually holds a GOLD MEDAL in dodge ball. We were under the impression that Hollywood made up dodge ball competitions, but we’re glad to know that we were mistaken. Amber, this is one of the coolest things we’ve ever heard!

When she’s not blogging, podcasting, or starting a business, you may find her busting a move to Billie Jean or playing with her two dogs (both gifts from her husband). And, if you ever find yourself in a public restroom with her, please don’t be talking on your phone—she hates that. On second thought, we all hate that; just don’t ever do it.

You can find Amber’s recipes and general insights at Check her out on Facebook, too!

Thanks, Amber!

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