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Just a quick note…or three!

In an age where technology is growing in popularity, companies sometimes wonder about the importance of buying branded notepads. One of the main arguments to do so is that notepads sit on your customers’ desks and are usually visible during phone calls, meetings, and other daily tasks. This builds a connection to your company, especially if they use your notepads during those tasks. Here are three ways notepads can positively impact your life:

  1. Collecting Thoughts

    Notepads are great for jotting down quick information you find without having to switch to a different program or monitor. This helps in compiling your thoughts together in one central location to be digested at a later point. This also helps organize those fleeting ideas that can otherwise distract you from the task at hand. Getting milk is jotted down, now back to solving the inner workings of the universe.

  2. Creating A List

    By writing down the most important things you need to get done today, you set yourself up for success. This gives you a concrete set of tasks to accomplish and “emergencies” that arise can be assessed as to whether or not they really are drop-everything-do-it-now tasks.

  3. Doodling!

    Long thought as a waste of time, or like you weren’t paying attention, doodling has grown in respect. Those little chicken scratches on the page have been shown to help people focus on the task at hand, leading to the grasping of new concepts, retaining information, and acting as an extension field for your brain to play.

What are some other ways you have used notepads in your workplace?

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