Is Your Company Living in the Past, or is it Just Your Branding?

Why a Company’s Branding Must Evolve

Think back ten, fifteen, or even twenty years ago…what clothes were in your closet? What music was in your CD player? What was your default hairdo? My guess is that you’ve probably changed quite a bit over the years, as all things do.

Your company’s logo should also change every now and then. I’m not talking about a complete overhaul, of course! Just as you probably haven’t become an entirely different person over the last decade, a logo doesn’t need to become something entirely different every ten years, either. But, it does need updating—it needs to evolve. However, a logo is only one part of a brand, and sometimes an entire brand needs refreshing to stay current and impactful.

According to an article by Mark McNeilly, “Time To Reboot Your Brand? Here’s How” on, it may be time to refresh your branding if it “has become indistinguishable from the competition; starts looking too “corporate” or stale; or is disconnected from your offering, your consumers, or the times.”

So, just how often should you update your logo and / or branding? Some of the most well-known companies in the world have tweaked their logos every few years. Think Google, Pepsi, AT&T, or Twitter. While this may not be necessary for your small business, these are some things to consider when determining whether to make a change:

1. How has your company changed since your logo and branding was first established? Should any of those changes be reflected in your marketing?

2. What sets your business apart from those doing the same thing? What makes your company memorable, and does your logo reinforce these qualities?

3. Does your logo connect with your company’s customers and target market? Is your branding modern enough to be taken seriously by an audience of young adults?

And remember, as an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to live in the past—neither can your logo!

What changes has your branding undergone over the years?

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