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Get Your Head Out of the Box: The Dos and Don’ts for Creating a Powerful Business Card

1. Take your head out of that box!

Now, there’s a difference between having your photo taken with a beautiful background which is displayed as a full-size image on your card and having a teeny-tiny box in the corner with your head inside. Better yet, let us crop you out!


2. Use both sides.

If you’re working with a printer or designer that doesn’t accommodate printing on both the front and back of the card, then it’s time to move on! The backside of your card is 7 square inches of prime real estate—put something there. The back of your card could even be something unexpected, like a sports schedule, a calendar, or a game. Even your logo alone serves as a nice aesthetic element for the opposite side of your card.

3. Keep it current!

What impression do you get when you are handed a business card by someone who immediately tells you that one or more pieces of information shown are actually incorrect. Then, they proceed to start crossing things off and writing over them—in chicken scratch. An exchange that could have taken 5 seconds and been a great way to make a professional impact becomes a 5 minute ordeal that leaves you thinking, “This person really doesn’t have their ducks in a row.”

4. Use sturdy paper.

Remember, if you are successful in making your connection, then the person you give your card to will be handling it a lot. They may pulling it in and out of their wallet repeatedly. You don’t want your card to wrinkle or be torn easily.

5. Keep a few with you at all times!

There isn’t much point to having business cards that you never hand out. They only work if you give them to people.

What’s the WORST business card you’ve ever seen? You may change names to protect the perpetrators!

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