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Your Brand: Much More Than a Logo

Let’s begin by clarifying that logos are in no way unimportant. But a logo does not encompass all of a brand. It is a launch pad. Without a defined logo, it is very hard to make a brand that represents your company in a positive way.

A brand is made up of many pieces:

Your Printed Appearance
• Logo, Business Cards, Signs…etc…

Your Values
• The principles and standards your company stands by

Your Intagible Appearance
• The way you are perceived / remembered

This article focuses on the third bullet: your intangibles. Your intangibles are easy to make and very hard to change. They are the lasting impression that people have of you. “You’re the Octopus Lady!” is just as important an exclamation as, “You work for Argyle Octopus Press.” Being the “Octopus Lady” is as much a part of our brand as Argy–our Argyle Octopus logo.

Your intangible appearance is what helps you find and retain clients. 

Something as simple as the environment you are in can turn a client away–even if you are dressed to the nines and hitting the sales pitch fantastically. The atmosphere you create can also backfire on you. It you are stiff and giving off an “odd vibe,” it doesn’t matter if your product is exactly what their company needs. They will have already made the decision to look for another company before you have even gotten a third of the way through your presentation.

Positive impressions make people feel comfortable and trusting of your company, which leads to referrals and increased business. People won’t always remember your company name, but they will remember YOU–the way you treated them and the quality of service you gave them.

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