Meet Leyna Vick

Argy Unavailable for Q&A: Leyna Vick Steps In!

In the eyes of Leyna Vick, “it takes more than an iPhone to be a ‘real’ artist.” Leyna, you have an iPhone and you’re “handy with Photoshop,” so we guess that means you qualify. That’s one of the many reasons why we love you! Here are some more:

You might be surprised that some people get really annoyed when they step in a rain puddle and get their shoes soaked and muddy. Leyna has bigger things to worry about.

“There’s nothing I can’t stand like stepping in water on the kitchen floor when wearing socks.”

Thankfully, she can avoid awkward situations like that on days when breakfast isn’t made in the kitchen. Since her favorite non-breakfast food is jalapeno and cream cheese rolls from Pan Dulce,  we think she’s in the clear.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to meet Leyna in person, you know she’s quick to smile, and you’d better be too if you want to get on her good side! That’s the first thing she notices about people. You can cultivate authentic relationships with people if you mimic their body language because it makes you appear more genuine and likeable.

Leyna might have outgrown the “rebellious” stage several years ago, but she did recently get in trouble as an adult (in a candy store)! When Rocket Fizz first opened, she got so excited about getting candy and soda pop that she locked her keys in the ignition! She says she realized she’d made a mistake, but we don’t think it’s such a terrible idea if she was able to eat a grocery bag full of candy on the hood of her car while she waited for the locksmith!

When asked about life and work in a creative industry, she replied, “Doodles and ‘-isms,’ and writing utensils, oh my!” We’re all so used to the ins and outs of working at Argyle Octopus, that sometimes we forget to stop and appreciate the small things. Leyna says the best thing about working for AOP is,

“No one here is perfect, but we all try hard everyday, and we make each other laugh. Who could ask for more?”

It’s not all fun and games around here, unfortunately. Leyna says that sometimes it’s hard to strike a work-life balance.

“I have nightmares about mailing regulations!”

If you really want to get on Leyna’s good side, indulge any one of her “non life-threatening obsessions.”

“The color turquoise, journal books, Crispy M&Ms, and scarves…so many scarves.”

Stop by our office to meet Leyna in person! If you can figure out how to incorporate all of Leyna’s “non life-threatening obsessions” into your introduction or conversation, you’re sure to make an unforgettable first impression!


*Photo credit to Shannon Claire.

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