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5 Rules You’re Following For No Reason

These “rules” are so ingrained in most of us that we think you’ll be surprised by one or two!

1. Typing two spaces between sentences

double spaces between sentences

Not necessary! Years ago, this was the standard, but modern word processors accommodate for the appropriate amount of space between sentences automatically.

2. Telling people that certain words in your email address are all-lowercase or capitalized

uppercase lowercase email case sensitive

Doesn’t matter, actually. Email addresses aren’t case-sensitive; neither are website domain names.

3. Typing underscores instead of spaces in your file names

spaces in file names

This is another one that began as true, but nowadays, there’s no reason you can’t use that space bar when naming your files!

4. Saying or writing “www.” when referring to a website

type www website addresses

Browsers will direct you to a website regardless of whether or not you type “www.” When in print, seeing the “.com” or “.net,” etc. will effectively indicate a website.

5. Underlining book titles

underline book titles formatting

Generally, underlining was used when italics weren’t available (such as when writing by hand or using an old-fashioned typewriter). When using a modern-day word processor, italicizing is the way to go.

Were you still abiding by any of these unnecessary rules?

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