5 Made Up Job Titles That No Longer Make You Sound Cool

For decades job titles have been boring—oh, so boring. Words like representative, coordinator, executive, or manager have lost some of their appeal with the younger generations. The well-known, “official” job title words don’t necessarily imply the same amount of prestige they once did; they can now be assigned to even the most menial (albeit important, none-the-less) jobs. (What’s that joke about important-sounding job titles…?)

As a result, we’ve seen a whole host of absurd, hilarious, and sometimes ridiculous job titles sprouting up. There is certainly a place for this, however, the coolness factor for some of these over-used job title words is starting to decline. We suggest avoiding the following until 20 years from now when they might be cool again:
(If you already have one of these titles, you may be grandfathered in.)

1. Guru

The actual definition of this word includes teacher, sage, and initiator. We see the connection, but we’re over it.

2. Ninja

We get it; you’re good at whatever you’re calling yourself a ninja about. But, are you skilled in the traditional Japanese art of stealth, camouflage, and sabotage? We didn’t think so.
(To any actual Ninjas reading this—respect.)

3. Anything preceding the word Engineer which doesn’t have to do with building things or trains

Fill in the blank. You can probably list a few right off the top of your head. They’re probably endearing, but if you really want to be original, think of something new. This one’s been done to death.

4. Whiz

This screams, “I understand this job well enough to say I can do it, but I need to make people think I understand it better!” If that isn’t what you’re going for, rethink this word.

5. Hacker

In the age of “life hacks,” “fashion hacks,” “car hacks,” and yes, even “refrigerator hacks,” the term hacker being applied to anyone other than one who uses computers to gain access to data is a bit overdone…for now.

To be fair, we also make up our job titles. We are Customer Design Champions. We’re hoping someone will tell us once champions is no longer cool. (But, we might still use it.)

If you need inspiration for your own clever job title, or just a good laugh, we suggest killing way too much time with this Job Title Generator.

What’s the funniest or cleverest job title you’ve heard?

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