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3 Things to Consider When Giving Your Customers Gifts

We are continuing on from last week’s blog (Customer Appreciation Matters: 4 Ways to Show Your Customers Love) with a more in-depth look into customer gift giving. As mentioned, ideally you don’t want to reserve this for holidays only, but it’s still okay to give now as that is where we are this time of year.

So you want to show your customers you appreciate the gift of loyalty they have given you by going above and beyond your regular swag options. Here are three tips you need to consider first.

1. Aptness

The purpose of a gift is to build the relationship you have or would like to have. Consider the relationships you have with your customers now. This may mean you need to look into two separate types of gifts this season. If you have a long-standing but distant customer that remains professional during any transaction, a doodad can come across as cheap. If you have a new customer relationship, extravagant, over-the-moon gifts can be overwhelming and come across like you are trying to bribe your client to stay with your company.

2. Individuality

Imagine you are a car mechanic and your customer loyally comes to you every three months for her oil change. You want to thank her, but consider this: she likely goes elsewhere to insure her car, and her insurance company will want to gift her an appreciative token also. You want to make sure that your gift stands out from other companies. This doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, but that it should be something useful—not necessarily the first idea that comes to mind. (Don’t worry, we can help you!)

3. Production

You need to put just as much thought into the presentation of the gift as the gift itself. Including a personalized, possibly handwritten, note with nice wrapping paper shows your sincerity. These gifts should not be empty gestures just for ROI. (Fun tidbit: the Promotional Products Association International [PPAI] has shown through a survey that vendors who gave gifts were twice as likely to be contacted by their recipients.*)

These three tips will help get the ball rolling with your holiday gift giving. We are almost halfway through November, and the holidays will be sneaking up faster than you expect. Now that the holidays are on your mind, have there been any gifts you’ve received that were spot on, or far off, from a company you work with?

*Source: Engagement Strategies Media

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