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3 Event Branding Must-Dos

Because, you want to do it right, right?

1. Have a Clear Message

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Who is this event for? Who do you want to come, and are you offering content which your target audience will find engaging? It’s important to know what purpose your event will serve and who it is for. Once you know those things, you know who your branding and promotion is geared towards.

2. Prepare and Use Consistent Visuals

event branding

You want people to trust your event. In order for that to happen, you need well-designed visuals that support what your event is about, its purpose, and speak to those in your target audience. Consistency is extremely important in order for a memorable connection to be made with your audience during your event promotion. All of your materials should utilize the same event name, tagline, color scheme, style, and message.

3. Find Your Event’s Personality

event branding

Your event’s personality is determined by a number of things—the location, the branding, the dialogue, the size, the audience, etc. Your branding should speak to the personality of your event. Eventbrite’s blog, found here lists a few things to think about if you want to ensure people have a positive experience at your event.

Stay tuned for more about event branding and how to effectively promote your upcoming event.

Have you organized a large business event, networking function, or academic weekend? What did you find important when promoting your event?

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