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3 Benefits to Using Facebook for Business

Facebook has been around for over a decade and most have adopted its use for personal profiles. Some, however, have yet to adopt this tool for business purposes. There are many technical reasons to create a business profile, such as: $0 to setup, business insights, multiple account managers, and more. In this blog we aren’t going to discuss those awesome topics but rather our three favorite reasons.

I. Customer Engagement

Facebook is the ideal place for posting work photos and posing fun questions to customers. With the ease of upload, and 1.44 billion active Facebook users,* your company can interact with current customers and reach potential clients through these interactions. The reason to use Facebook instead of your website is because you have more freedom to be an actual person here, and you don’t have to know about coding to make a personal touch. Here is a screenshot of a poll Argyle Octopus did over the holidays:

Fruitcake Facebook Poll - Argyle Octopus Press


(If you would like to weigh in, here is a link to share your opinion; we’d love to hear it! Tell Us How You Feel About Fruit Cake!)

II. Increased Website Traffic

After liking your Facebook page, people will receive your updates in their news feed. By sharing links to your Facebook from your website, people will see the basic content you share and click the link to learn more information on your website. If your employees then also share the links on their personal pages, you increase the potential number of people clicking. The more people tagged and sharing, the more likely you’ll get click-throughs to your website to read the whole story. Our Google Analytics shows us that when we share our blogs on Tuesday mornings to Facebook, our website traffic goes up.

Google Analytics - Argyle Octopus Press

III. Company Awareness

It is commonly accepted that when you hear of a company, Google is the key place to learn more about them. Some companies, however, do not have the immediate budget for a website. Having a Facebook helps. Google trusts Facebook as a credible company and displays their information when searching. If you can’t afford a well-designed website, Facebook can be a temporary stand-in to tell people you are a real company they can work with.

Google Search Results - Argyle Octopus Press

These are only a few of the reasons why Facebook is excellent for business. Do you use it for your company? If so, what is your favorite part?

*Source: Facebook Passes  1.44B Monthly Active Users

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